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The Fund, through its investment in the Underlying Trust, seeks to generate income and capital returns for investors. The Fund is targeting an average distribution over the two years to December 2021 of 6.5% (per annum after tax (plus franking credits)), with distributions anticipated to commence in 2020, subject to actual grain volume throughput and senior lender approval. Investors should note that there is no guarantee that this return (or any return) will be achieved. It is the intention of the Underlying Trust (subject to future market conditions) to hold the investment for a period of 5 to 7 years, however the investment period may be shorter or longer than this period.

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Vasco Responsible Entity Services Limited

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ICAM Retail Funds Management Pty Ltd

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Vasco Fund Services Pty Limited

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$0.88 as at 30 April 2024

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