Auspacific Income Generator Fund #1

Auspacific Income Generator Fund #12019-08-14T06:32:41+00:00

Fund Summary

The Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of assets selected by the Investment Manager with a view to generating a steady stream of income and preserving Investor capital.

The Investment Manager’s mandate is to invest in:

  • bonds and fixed interest securities;
  • cash and similar short-term money market products, including highly liquid cash funds;
  • other managed investment funds which predominantly invest in secured loans, mortgage backed securities, and bonds.

Key Documents

Key Information


Vasco Investment Managers Limited

Investment Manager

Auspacific Capital Management Pty Ltd

Administration Manager

Vasco Funds Management Pty Ltd

Unit Price

$1.00 as at 31 July 2019

The unit price is subject to a buy and sell spread of 0.05%

Minimum Investment

$100,000 (Available to wholesale investors)

Further Information

Please contact the Investment Manager for further information