Australian Diversified Income Fund

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Fund Summary

The Fund is an unregistered managed investment scheme which pools investors’ money and lends this money to special purpose investment companies controlled by the Investment Manager.

These SPVs will invest in a range of income producing assets including:

– Recurring revenue from mortgage broking portfolios

– Recurring revenue from residential property rental businesses

– First and second mortgage loans secured over real property

– Fixed income instruments

The Investment Manager may also invest in SPVs that provides finance through loans or direct equity investments to property investors and developers.

In some instances, the Fund may also invest directly into other managed investments that invest in income producing assets such as:

– Domestic and international bonds

– Cash and bank bills

– Corporate debentures and other debt securities

– Secured and unsecured loans to individual and businesses

Key Documents

Key Information


Vasco Custodians Pty Ltd

Investment Manager

Australian Diversified Income Pty Ltd

Administration Manager

Vasco Fund Services Pty Limited

Unit Price

Application price as at 31 August: $1.00

Redemption price as at 31 August: $0.99

Minimum Investment

$500,000 (Available to wholesale or sophisticated investors only, not available to retail investors)

Reports and Updates

Further Information

Please contact the Investment Manager for further information