BMYG Australia IPO Opportunities Fund

BMYG Australia IPO Opportunities Fund2019-05-30T03:30:44+00:00

Fund Summary

The Fund offers investors an opportunity to invest in pre-IPO, IPO securities and private placements of listed securities which are selected and managed by BMY.

It is intended that the Fund will deliver capital growth. The investments of the Fund may also earn income in the form of dividends or distributions from the relevant securities in which the Fund invests.

Key Documents

Tranche 1

Tranche 2

Tranche 3

Key Information

Responsible Entity

Vasco Investment Managers Limited

Investment Manager

BMY Group Pty Ltd

Administration Manager

Vasco Funds Management Pty Ltd

Unit Price

Tranche 1: $0.88 Post-distribution as at 31 Dec 2018

Tranche 2: $0.77 as at 31 Dec 2018

Tranche 3: $0.71 as at 31 Dec 2018

Minimum Investment

$100,000 (Available for wholesale and sophisticated investors only, not available for retail investors)

Reports and Updates

Further Information

Please contact the Investment Manager for further information