AusFunds Fractional Property Investment Platform

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Fund Summary

The Platform is a registered managed investment scheme which provides a menu of various property investment opportunities. The Platform will offer a Cash Class and multiple Property Classes. The Cash Class will only hold cash, while each Property Class will hold different property assets.

Investors initially subscribe for Units in the Cash Class. They can then apply to convert their Units from the Cash Class (Cash Units) to Units in a Property Class (Property Units). A supplemental product disclosure statement (SPDS) will be issued in respect of each Property Class which will set out specific details of the relevant property investment opportunity relating to the specific Property Class.

Key Documents

Key Information

Responsible Entity

Vasco Trustees Limited

Investment Manager

AusFunds Investment Management Pty Ltd

Administration Manager

Vasco Fund Services Pty Limited

Minimum Investment

Specified in Section 6 of the PDS (Available to retail investors)

ASIC Guide

Investing in Unlisted Property Schemes

Reports and Updates

Further Information

Please contact the Investment Manager for further information