Fund Summary

The Fund will make investments into a diversified portfolio of listed and unlisted equities and indirect investments into real property assets via various managed investment schemes or vehicles as selected by the Investment Manager. The Fund may make direct investments into select real property assets although the
allocation is unlikely to be material and will be less than 10% of the Fund’s assets.

The Fund will have direct exposure to the following six major asset classes:
1. Property Securities;
2. Australian Equities;
3. Global Equities;
4. Fixed Income Securities;
5. Alternative Investments; and
6. Cash.

A tactical asset allocation strategy will be implemented in consideration of a prescribed investment guideline.

The Investment Manager is targeting an annual rate of return to Investors of 8%, pre-tax and net of all fees and expenses, over a rolling 3-year period.

Key Documents

Key Information


Vasco Trustees Limited

Investment Manager

Rajomon Asset Management Pty Ltd

Unit Price

$1.11 as at 30 April 2024

Administration Manager

Vasco Fund Services Pty Limited

Minimum Investment

$10,000 (Available to Retail and Wholesale Investors)

Target Market Determination

A target market determination has been prepared for this Fund and may be found here.

A consumer should read the Target Market Determination of the Fund prior to making any investment decision in relation to the Fund.

Further Information

Please contact the Investment Manager for further information:

Change of Auditors

Resignation of Compliance Plan Auditor (20 February 2024)

Resignation of Scheme Auditor (20 February 2024)