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Project Description


Viapac Group creates spaces for the residential, hospitality, education, commercial, healthcare, childcare, and retirement sectors, with unrivalled strategic vision. Through extensive research, innovation, and a strong focus on sustainable growth, the Group chooses each site with meticulous consideration for every potential future value.

Viapac partners with the best in the industry, ensuring every project is brought to life in expert hands. Above all else, Viapac Group develops places for communities to live, play, work and thrive.

Viapac Group is composed of Viapac GP Pty Ltd, investment general partner of the Viapac Venture Capital Fund, and Viapac Capital Pty Ltd, investment manager of the Viapac OROS Investment Fund.

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Contact Details

222 Rosslyn St

West Melbourne, VIC

P: +61 3 9328 8878