Fund Summary

35 Latitude is a residential development fund manager focussed predominately on the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales.

The Fund seeks to invest in a range of small to medium scale residential development projects. The Fund will likely invest in multiple projects each year, depending on the capital availability and opportunities that arise.

The advantage to Unitholders in this approach is that their investment will be spread across a range of projects thereby reducing the risk of any one project not achieving the returns anticipated. Each Project consists of small (four townhouses/villas) to medium (up to 100 townhouses/villas or apartments) sized development opportunities. Each will have a different concept based on site size, layout and will generally provide a mix of dwellings in any development to provide price variation and market choice. Dwelling types are generally either two- or three-bedroom townhouses, villas or apartments

*This fund is closed to new investors.

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Responsible Entity

Vasco Responsible Entity Services Limited


Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited

Investment Manager

35 Latitude Pty Ltd

Unit Price

$0.8511 as at 30 December 2023

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